Alan Lord B.S.Y.Dipl. Sivananda Yoga Sirumani

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Diet and Weight Loss Expert

Alan Lord Quick Facts

Many years ago I discovered a healthy eating plan that helped me to lose almost 30% of my bodyweight and reach my ideal weight. The quest to maintain that weight loss has led me to study diet and nutrition in depth, to keep abreast with dietary news and topics and trends. I have a passion for health and fitness that has led me to embrace many sports over the years including: surfing, windsurfing,sailing,skateboarding,swimming and yoga. I am a keen distance swimmer and strong advocate of the need for regular exercise regardless of your body shape. I have studied yoga in England and India and have a diploma from the B.S.Y. to teach and from the Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training School in Majurai, Southern India.

Favorite Quotes Thoughts from Alan Lord

The only thind preventing you from reaching the 'unachieveable' is your belief that it is so.

Nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent.

Get started today because tomorrow is a lifetime away

Getting Started With Alan Lord

I have recently set up a weight loss website where i hope to be able to help people achieve the weight loss success that i myself did. What is paramount to successful weight loss is to maintain the loss and so permanent weight loss is what we hope to achieve. You can view articles and tips on this and more at =